Maja Metlicar


We were all born with the potential to be happy and successful. Like all other living beings our natural inclination in to heal, thrive and expand.

Unfortunately in today’s society we are mostly led in the opposite direction – to conform and be afraid. Which blocks our otherwise natural state of wellbeing.

Yoga can help us choose the path of love by accepting ourselves just as we are in this moment. Allowing ourselves to open up to our highest potential for health, creativity and success. 

Before becoming a yoga teacher I worked for several years as a lawyer in the high pressure environment of the criminal justice system in Slovenia. After moving to Amsterdam, Netherlands, I entered the hectic world of entrepreneurship and startups.

My interest in yoga and other natural healing techniques awoke already when I was a teenager. In 2009 I studied with the Slovenian healer  Oli Lukner, completing a Reflexology Massage Course and Metamorphic Technique Course.

At the end of that year I travelled to India, where I experienced some of yoga’s amazing healing powers. That was it, I wanted to know more! So I enrolled in the Ashtanga-Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training (RYS-200) with Agniyoga School in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Just before completing the program in 2012 I also attended an intensive yoga training with the Krishnamacharya Healing & Yoga Foundation.

I continue studying with renowned yoga teachers and learning from my awesome students every time I teach a class. Currently in Kuressaare, Estonia.


krishnamacharya yogaYou don’t need to struggle with problems such as headaches, back pain, tiredness, insomnia and problems focusing at work.

Yoga can teach you how to overcome them.

In fact, you can be more productive, healthier and happier than ever before. 

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