Nelson Mandela, an inspiration for your life and your yoga practice

It would be hard to write something about Nelson Mandela (a.k.a. Mandiba), that that you haven’t heard of yet. He was a remarkable person, a force of nature and an inspiration for generations to come. He was a true yogi!

Despite having spent 27 years in prison, he didn’t loose his spirit, in fact he emerged from the experience stronger. He was living proof, that we can be powerful beyond measure and that, when our inner fire is lit, it can never be extinguished. We can indeed change the world.    

Nelson Mandela’s life was his message, teaching us about compassion, inner strength, perseverance, hope, love and acceptance. Much like yoga does. 

So let’s always be reminded to extend our practice off the mat as well, and live the principles that we learn in yoga class.  May our life be our message too.

1. Believe 









2. Always keep moving forward
Nelson Mandela quote






3. Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can


4. Acceptance












5. Be good, do good

Nelson Mandela quote











6. You have the power 

Nelson Mandela quote











7. Let go












8. Love











9. Be present









10. We are ONE














Rest in peace, Mandiba. God bless!

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