Open up to the unimaginable

A few days ago, I had a Skype chat with a friend, a fellow yogini, beautiful person.

She was telling me about a workshop that she had attended not long ago. About opening up to your highest potential.

When we try to figure out what the future holds for us, what is going to happen, we actually look at it from the perspective of our current experiences.

We take what we know in this moment and try to apply it to the future.

But what exactly happens when we do that?

Let’s see it like this: when we paint a picture of the future with the colors that we have right now, we are limiting what can be. Right?

How come? Perhaps today we have 5 colors, and that’s all we know, all that we can use.

Maybe in a month we get access to more colors, but if we already decided how the picture is going to look, we might not even notice them.

When we try to figure out the future, we are putting boundaries to it. To what we can accomplish. 

And it’s a human thing to do. It makes us feel safe, because we “know” what’s coming.

But think about it this way: if we leave everything open, we embrace our FULL potential. Not just what we are aware of at the moment, but everything else that is within us, but we are not yet ready to accept.

Literally anything can happen! We can paint our life with ALL the colors.

So, dear friends, don’t try to imagine the future. Embrace it. Give space to the unimaginable to happen!

And always remember: everything you are looking for is already within you.

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