The Great Unknown

I have been exploring the Body – Mind – Universe connection in the past months. Mostly out of necessity, because I kept feeling stuck, like I was running in circles not being able to change my route. I have then realized, that this route was what I am used to, what I know well; even though it frustrates me, it also makes me feel safe, it is predictable.

So I started asking myself what would happen if I stepped outside of it? Would I fall? And what if I do?

Moreover why does it seem so difficult to step over the boundaries of the known, to take a risk, to do something you are afraid of? What IS fear anyway?

The one common point the answers to these questions led me to was fear, the fact that I don’t know what would happen, I am not sure whether I could handle it. And that is exactly what scares me!

Let’s imagine now that the “Great Unknown” is a coin.

What I described above is what you would see if you look at one side of the coin – the fear of falling and not being able to get up, the fear of being judged, of not achieving the goals you set for yourself, the fear of disappointing others, the fear of loosing someone or something, the fear of not being loved, the feeling of not being strong enough or just simply not being enough. What it all comes down to is the FEAR of living, rejecting the present moment. Simply not wanting to be here, in the now.

But, if you look at the “Great Unknown” from the other side of the coin, you can see opportunity, new experiences, unexpected blessings, new wonderful people, changes, new ideas, acceptance, openness, strength, love, expansion. Actually living life, knowing that you ARE enough. And that you WILL handle whatever comes next. 

So we have one concept, one single coin – the Unknown – and two ways of looking at it – from the perspective of Love and trust or from the point of fear.

Which one will you pick?




Remember, that you can always choose how you will turn the coin.


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