Disconnect To Reconnect

524800_492139387506289_682658613_nI have had an interesting few days. The Universe apparently thought I needed a lesson (yet again) about the power of mind.

The thing is, I do have some things that I worry about… and it absolutely doesn’t help. Worrying I mean. Quite the opposite actually.

So last week, thought I think I was also under the influence of the full moon, there was a day, when I was completely refusing to be (present) in the moment. It doesn’t even matter what the situation was about, what matters is, that I was absolutely rejecting it.

I was there physically, but I was not present. In my mind I was trying really hard to escape it, thinking about what I should have done to avoid it, what I would rather be doing in that moment and how I couldn’t wait for it to pass by. Literally counting the minutes.

I was totally disconnected. From the present moment and consequently from myself too.

At the end of the day I felt exhausted! When my dear Mr. saw me, he immediately sensed what was going on and “issued” a direct order: “Drop everything and relax. Don’t do anything, don’t think about anything. Right now!”

Ha, as opposed to how I usually react, this time I just did what he said. 🙂

The next day I slept long, I was tired, my whole body was aching… like I had been in a fight the day before. And indeed I was; in a fight with my mind!

Do you know the feeling?

Anyway, I took it easy, I slept, ate nourishing food, watched movies and documentaries, didn’t answer emails, didn’t tweet (well, a little bit), wasn’t checking Facebook (almost). I also was not worrying. I was not thinking.

And then, in this nothing that I allowed myself to experience, in the space it created, I was able to BE.

Suddenly hit me – all the fears, worries and expectations – they take away the space that our being would otherwise use! They literally restrict us, it is like they would build a wall around us and block our creative energy, the life energy, the flow.

And we are the ones doing it! We are the ones to think these thoughts, we are taking away our own space, our own freedom.

BUT, if we can produce negative thoughts, we most certainly can do the opposite too. It might be a bit more challenging, but every thing that brings big rewards is, right?

So start right now – claim back the space in your life. Disconnect to reconnect with yourself.

Take some time for yourself. Breathe, sending the breath to every single cell of your body, asking it to create space. To clear out everything that is not needed anymore. And then expand.

Observe your thoughts, when you notice a negative one, just let it go. And then, in this space, place a positive affirmation.

What does a positive affirmation look like? It is something that does not restrict you, it lets you expand. When you say it in your mind, you can feel the breath extend, you can feel the space it creates. Let the breath be your guide.

And remember – everything you are looking for, is already within you.


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