Meet the First GYH Ambassador: LUZ! Who Shares Her Experience of Encountering Yoga

Yeeey, we are slowly growing! 🙂 Wanna join? Check the About GYH page. Love, Maja

Global Yoga Hub

Hello friends,

We are very happy to introduce you to the first GYH Ambassador – a beautiful soul, yogi, mum, and so much more, with an infectious laugh that instantly uplifts your mood – LUZ. Welcome to the team! 🙂

She is the GYH local representative for China and a contributor to our blog, read more about her on The Team page (here) and make sure to check out her work.

Below is her first post, a personal experience, that we feel blessed she shared with us.


LuzBy: Luz Dary Schilt, yoga teacher, photographer and writer, GYH ambassador, momentarily living in China, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province;

Undoing Layers

A journey starts as soon as one is born into this world.
The journey of the “real” world…. REALITY…people say.
But reality is nothing else than the way…WE…see things, situations, people around us.

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