Guest Post: The Ocean – A Shrine Of Interconnection

Yoga and surf! Inspiring! Love it 🙂

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EoinFinnBy: Eoin Finn, yogi, surfer and blissologist, who teaches his unique, transformative, alignment-based Blissology Yoga all over the world;

The ultimate wave: a yoga, ecology, surf lifestyle


My good friend Jamal yogis interviewed me for a yoga journal article on yoga and surfing. They only ran a photo and not any of the interview, but when you tap into your life’s passion the answers to his questions came flowing out. I wrote 5 pages of responses. There were 12 questions in total. Here are the answers to 4 of them.

Incidentally, you should check out Jamail’s work as well: ‘The saltwater Buddha’, is a great memoir of how surfing and Buddhism shaped a zesty life philosophy that led to many intriguing adventures. it’s a great read. check out his website too:

1.) How did you start doing yoga and surfing? Which came first, etc?

What’s cool…

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