Guest Post: Welcome to India!

Inspiring article about the experience of traveling alone through India, posted on the website of the Global Yoga Hub, an exciting and ambitious project we are working on.

Global Yoga Hub

Evelyn_GYHby: Evelyn Einhäuser (36 years), yoga teacher, journalist and writer living and working in Berlin, Germany

Welcome to India!

The experiences of a single female traveling through South India

Have you ever talked to yoga people about India?

Usually their eyes get wet and misty, their faces light up and they will start cooing: „Ohhhhh, India!“ (no matter if they have been there by themselves or just heard stories from other people). These people will usually tell you about the sacredness of the Earth there, and that things will happen to you that nowhere else on this planet could ever happen to you. That you are guided and that India will take care of you in very special ways. After all of these beautiful suggestions and tales I had thought I would come to India and feel at home from second one on.

woman-suitcaseAnd here I am. In India, writing to you…

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