Dear friends,

Tomorrow is that time of the year again – Valentine’s day!

Love it, hate it or be indifferent to it, there it is and we are all surrounded by hearts and flowers everywhere. “Forced” to think about LOVE.

So let’s do it, but a bit differently this year, let’s talk about self-LOVE. After all you are the only person that will certainly be with you for your whole life and for the rest of your life, and it makes all the sense in the world to work on that relationship too.

22032009992-001-polaIf you asked me just a few months ago “Hey, so how is your relationship with your Self going?” I would definitely have answered you, that it has never been better and that now I really really (no, REALLY) accept and love myself just as I am.

Well I wish it was that easy! As it turns out, the events of the last months have been insistently challenging me in the most uncomfortable of ways to dig really deep inside. And admit (and accept) that there is some more work to be done there. Yep!

Realizing that you are still angry at your Self for different reasons, that you still push yourself to do and hold on to some things for which you decided at some one point of life that should be done (not accepting the flux of life), acknowledging that you are in fact still acting within some habitual patterns, that you thought you already got rid of. All these realizations (seriously) suck!… In the sense that they can be, and mostly are, very painful.

10042008442-polaSo what to do then? I promise you, there is a way.

As I wrote last week, pain can actually be helpful in the self-growth process, because it forces you to let your guard down, to drop your weapons, to surrender. Sometimes you allow yourself that only for a little while and then quickly gather up the troops, put up the defense wall and harden your armor once again.

But the good news is, that when you realize what you are doing, you can stop it. You can consciously decide to surrender for a little bit longer. Breathe in, breathe out and surrender to your own love. 

“Choosing SELF-LOVE is the ultimate act of mastery, the ultimate. For when you choose this, every other area that you may have studied, looked into, will come. That is why it is such a big step for so many people to truly commit to this.

In self-love you give yourself freedom to do everything. You love yourself so much that you allow yourself to make huge mistakes. You love yourself so much that you will forgive yourself anything. You trust your love of yourself so much that you trust that whatever situation you end up in; and provided you feel your way through it rather than think your way through it, you will come back to center.

You will come back to the place that you need and want to be.”

~~Zapharia through Lee, from A Self-Love Journey – Self-Love and The Mind

Therefore, my dear friends, affirm your self-love to your Self. As often as you can. And things will open up, because your heart will open up160520091105-001-pola

In Love & Light, 


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