Inspiring… Like A BOSS!

Dear friends,

Get ready to be inspired… like a BOSS! 🙂

This Wednesday I pass on some powerful words that really did it for me. So, if you are feeling a bit down (or not) or know someone who needs to be inspired (like a BOSS), uplifted or just reminded of how special and lucky they are, show them this.

First is a TEDx talk that will take just 16 minutes of your day and will leave you with an openness to view your pain and fears from another perspective, as illusions that can be overcome.  And possible “negative” experiences as opportunities to learn new things and discover your Self.

Next is a beautiful and healing view on pain, another lesson in changing perspective:

Healing-Hands-pola“Pain is a SOFTENING of hardened ground. It is a yielding space. It allows medicine in, to penetrate and HEAL. It allows one to remember, to come down on the knees, to be vulnerable, to ask for help. It is GRACE.

Pain arrives at times of TRANSITION. It graces us to re-look, re-consider what is. We fear pain if we fear CHANGE.

It always, always brings a GIFT.

Pain and medicine have been partners for long.”

– Joyous Woman (link here)

So true!

And last but not least the best pep talk ever! From Kid President. 😀

To be shared with your loved ones… or EVERYBODY!

“Keep going, keep going and keep going!..

We can make every day better for each other!..

We were made to be AWESOME.”

Let’s make the whole world dance! Like a BOSS. 😉

In Love & Light, 


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