Weekly Inspirations – Archive

Here you can find the inspirational messages that I have posted on the page so far. Others will follow in separate posts as we go.

Week 5 (4.2.-10.2.2013): 

“Pain and fear are just an illusion. They are thought patterns based on past experiences, that keep arising because we keep on repeating them. They have nothing to do with our capability, appearance, financial situation, relationships etc.. Next time it happens stop the thought, acknowledge how it makes you feel and replace it with a positive affirmation (f.e. “I am safe, I am loved, all is well.”).”

Week 4 (28.1.-3.2.2013):

“One of the ways to practice awareness every day – LOOK UP. Literally – when you walk around, observe, where your gaze is directed; many of us actually look down to the ground or straight ahead. Try directing your gaze a bit up, do it consistently and observe, how it makes you feel, how it affects your general outlook and attitude. You just might find yourself more positively attuned!”

Week 3 (21.1.-27.1.2013):

“View impermanence, uncertainty and change outside of you as opportunities – teachers in showing you the way to timelessness and peace within.”

Week 2 (14.1,-20.1.2013):

“Trust in the infinite Wisdom of the Universe to take you exactly where you need to be. The best discoveries are usually made, when you let yourself wander into places and experiences, that you didn’t plan.”

Week 1 (7.1.-13.1.2013):

“The time is NOW.”

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