Affirm Your Way to Well-being

This is very exciting! 🙂

First of all, because this is the first post on my very own blog, and second, because I will talk about the mind – body connection, which is an extremely fascinating topic to me.

So welcome to my site, please have a look around and if you happen to be in Amsterdam, wanting to practice yoga, you can contact me for a private lesson.

Ever since I can remember, and even more so since I practice Yoga, I can undoubtedly feel the deep connection between mind and body. This connection is simply there, we all have it. You might not be aware of it consciously, but it is there. Though many books have been written about it, it is still not accepted as a fact in Western civilization.

Lets try this: pause for a moment and quietly observe how you feel – your body, your breath, what are you thinking, are you stressed, worried… Now say to yourself:

“I am safe, I am loved, all is well.” Repeat it a few times. Feel it.

Do you notice any changes? How is your breath now? Are your shoulders relaxed, do you fell calmer, more peaceful than before? I suspect you do!

Think about it – just by repeating three positive affirmations, one short sentence, you relaxed your body and your breath, and very probably, for at least a few minutes you are not stressed or worried any more. Why is that?

Because mind and body are a whole. They are not just connected, they are one.

Neuroscience-polaLets look at it from a medical perspective (quotes taken from the book Quantum Healing by Deepak Chopra, M.D.):

“All the cells in your body, … grew out of one double strand of DNA at the moment of conception. Everything you can do – think, speak, run, play the violin, or rule a country – builds on a capacity programmed into that original molecule.”

And more:

Neurotransmitters are the runners that race to and from the brain, telling every organ inside us of our emotions, desires, memories, intuitions, and dreams. None of these events are confined to the brain alone. Likewise, none of them are strictly mental, since they can be coded into a chemical message. Neurotransmitters touch the life of every cell.

And some more:

“In the early 1980s, receptors for neurotransmitters and neuropeptides were discovered on cells in the immune system called monocytes. “Brain” receptors on white cells in the blood?… Unlike the neurons, which are fixed in place along the nervous system, the monocytes of the immune system travel through the bloodstream, giving them free access to every other cell in the body… When researchers looked further, beyond the nervous and immune system, they began to discover the same neuropeptides and receptors for them in other organs, such the intestines, kidneys, stomach, and heart.”

body+energy-systems-polaSo the whole body IS connected to the mind!

“Anything that happens in the mental universe must leave tracks in the physical one… your body is the physical picture, in 3D, of what you are thinking.”

And it goes the other way around too. If you pay careful attention, you notice, that you can read much of what people are thinking or feeling from their facial expressions and body language.

“… many physical changes that thinking causes are unnoticeable. They involve minute alterations of cell chemistry, body temperature, electrical charge, blood pressure, and so on, which do not register the focus of your attention. You can be assured, however, that the body is fluid enough to mirror any mental event. NOTHING CAN MOVE WITHOUT MOVING THE WHOLE.”

As we can see mind and body are definitely connected, in fact they are a whole. So thoughts, emotions and other processes in the brain definitely have an impact on the rest of the body.

All this confirms the small experiment we did before, it confirms what we already felt is true.

So, how does this go in everyday life? If you carefully observe your thoughts during the day, you would probably notice, how at times you get angry at yourself, or maybe how, when faced with a scary challenge, your first thought is “I cannot do this”. I know I do!

All these thoughts send a message of anger/fear/worry to your whole body. Without us consciously realizing it. Because over the years, with repetition, we have created negative thought patterns, that now hang on to our minds like “bad” habits.

But there is good news! We can do it the other way round too! We can learn to replace negative thought patterns with positive ones.

Below is a beautiful set of affirmations adapted from the Hand Book On Union With God Through Finger Postures by Aparna Choudhuri.

The affirmations can be used anywhere at any time, in fact use them as often as possible! For an even stronger impact do it in the morning and evening, sitting down in a quiet space with a straight spine and closed eyes. This way you set an intention/”reprogram” your mind before starting your day and at the end of it. Repeat a few times:

  • I am happy.
  • I am healthy.
  • I am peace.
  • I am joy.
  • I am free from all suffering and fear.
  • I am bliss.
  • All emotional and mental blocks within me dissolve away.
  • All ties and hindrances dissolve away.
  • All attachments and desires dissolve away.
  • I love myself deeply and completely.
  • I forgive myself deeply and completely.
  • I bless myself. I bless myself. I bless myself.
  • I am sacred.
  • I am pure.
  • I am selfless.
  • I am a pure flame of love.
  • I am divine delight.
  • I am the ocean of bliss.

You can of course modify the list, adding some of your own affirmations or taking some away.

So, what are the thought patterns that you want to replace?

In Love & Light



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